Constant Temp. Decanter

TWD $6,800

TWD $5,200

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Product details

product details

Constant Temp. Decanter

  • Red and white wine two temp. options available (red wine: < 15°C/60°F &white wine: < 10°C/50°F).
  • Fine glass with a slanted lip and a handle on the side makes it easy to hold and pour.
  • Installed Micro USB charging port.
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery module.


A crystal glass decanter with wide-based design gives suitable surface area to aerate a whole bottle of wine. By spinning the decanter, it increases oxygen exposure to wine.

This much improves the taste by weakening astringent tannins and releasing fruit aromas.

With the temperature control in the decanter, it keeps the wine at its best state a lot longer.

Yali Decanter is also a beautifully and elegantly designed decoration that can be placed on the table.


Product Specification


Material: lead-free glass (body), plastic (base)
Volume: mL (about oz)
Size: φ205*260 mm
Weight: 1,405g
Battery capacity: 6,000mAh
Origin: Taiwan